Pete Cornes

Kayaking has taken me to some amazing places over the past few years, through the pursuit of quality whitewater I have met some incredible people and seen sights that will stay with me forever. The driving force behind that travel has always been the kayaking, the promise of amazing whitewater and phrases like “five days of continuous class 4/5…” are what has driven me to explore new places, and the experiences that I have had were just been icing on the cake. My recent trip to Morocco was almost the opposite, it is the country, scenery, and people that made me put a trip together, and any good kayaking would be the bonus. Thankfully we got all we expected and plenty of bonus action. (more…)


A Short Trip in Long Boats

Kayaking on the Great Glen

Last week I borrowed a pair of Speeders from Pyranha and headed up to Scotland with a friend from Guildford for a gentle trip along the Great Glen, from Fort William to Inverness. This is the most relaxed multi-day trip I’ve done yet – more ‘Three Men in a Boat’ than ‘Canoeing Down Everest’, and I thoroughly enjoyed it for that. (more…)


Pat Clissold dropping in on the Souana

Reports from Peidmonte this year looked pretty grim, the snow pack was low, meaning that all the snow melt rivers would be low and the notoroiusly short Italian creeking season would be shorter than ever. Good job then that the region experienced torrential rain to keep the rivers at a tasty level. (more…)

Easter in Nepal – the Thule Bheri River

One of the things that I like about foreign kayaking trips is that I get to see new places, meet new people, and learn new things. One of the new things that I learnt on this particular trip is the meaning of the phrase “continuous grade 4 paddling”. The educator in this case was the incredible Thule Bheri River, which flows south from the mountain region of Dolpo in Western Nepal to the Terai. (more…)

Nepalese Wildlife

I’ve just been browsing through my photos from Nepal and have realised that I have managed to take almost as many photos of the various animals and creatures that we encountered along the way as I have of the kayaking. Here are some of my favorites:



Nepal so far

A short trip to Slovenia

Ljubljana Castle: Scenic

I have just got back from a short visit to Slovenia, although the intended purpose of the visit was research, whilst there I managed to successfully combine work with a little bit of paddling and some sightseeing. I was in Maribor visiting a researcher at the university for a week before heading into Ljubljana for a day and then hiring a car and driving across to the Soča in the hope of getting a few days of paddling. (more…)

Three weeks in India: Such a long long time to be gone and a short time to be there…


Packing gear for the trip

India is beautiful, chaotic but beautiful. Three weeks in the Indian Himalaya is simply not enough time to experience the place and I’m sure I will be back as often as time and money allow. (more…)