A Short Trip in Long Boats

Kayaking on the Great Glen

Last week I borrowed a pair of Speeders from Pyranha and headed up to Scotland with a friend from Guildford for a gentle trip along the Great Glen, from Fort William to Inverness. This is the most relaxed multi-day trip I’ve done yet – more ‘Three Men in a Boat’ than ‘Canoeing Down Everest’, and I thoroughly enjoyed it for that.

Caledonian Canal

It’s not touring without lots of photos of the front of your boat

Aside from the kayaking and stunning views, highlights included; otters on the Canal, checking into a hostel in Augustus and offending an American chap with our drying thermals , being able to carry a whole roast chicken in the boat for lunch, spending the evening in a pub on a barge, and being buzzed by two RAF Tornadoes half way down Loch Ness.

Packing the Speeders ready to cross Loch Ness

“Hey, I think we can fit another Chicken in here if we move those bottles of Scotch down a bit”

There are some more words and photos from the trip on the Pyranha and Level 6 blogs. I can see myself getting hooked on touring kayaking, it seems to complement white water paddling nicely.


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